Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to get your purse stolen in Quito

Last night, my friend's purse disappeared. I say disappeared because we still have no idea how it was stolen. Anyways, my friend Erin and I went to a bar with three Ecuadorian guys that we had been out with a few times before. The bar wasn't crowded at all- in fact we were the only group in that section of the bar. Erin put her purse on her side and I was talking to her so I had full view of the purse the entire time. We were there for an hour or two and Erin went to the bathroom and left her purse on the bench next to me. I talked to one of my friends and both of us were two feet from the purse. I am a very aware person especially in situations like this and I can say for sure that I did not see anyone even come close to our table. When Erin came back from the bathroom, she freaked out because her purse was gone. That's how fast it happens.

The sad part is, two waiters and the bar owner came over to see what had happened and started yelling at the guys we were with and saying that they had stolen the purse. This is ridiculous because they are our friends and we were talking to them the entire time. I yelled back at the bar owner and told him it was either the waiters or the group next to us. The purse of course didn't show up and so I took Erin home and attempted to get into her apartment without keys. I felt so bad for her. Getting your purse stolen is an awful, gut dropping feeling and since last night, I am a bit scared to go out with a purse. I always have it over my shoulder or looped through my arm, but as last night showed, it happens in a split second.

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